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Uses for Box Trucks

The Many Uses for Box Trucks

Considering the many uses for box trucks, your company may want to rent or purchase a few of these versatile vehicles from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso.

Our Mitsubishi dealership has sold, rented, and serviced all types of trucks in the Bay Area since 1967. We offer no-hassle financing and lease agreements at reasonable rates on box trucks for trucking companies such as yours.

If your fleet primarily consists of one type of truck, think of the benefits of adding box trucks to the mix. There are countless uses for box trucks, including:

  • Hauling large, bulky items that don’t easily fit in a cargo van or pickup. Capacity differs depending on the model, but box trucks can carry loads of 8,000 pounds or more. When Diamond Mitsubishi’s service department attaches an optional lift gate, loading and unloading heavy items becomes a snap.
  • Transporting bigger loads. The large size of box trucks means fewer trips, reduced fuel consumption, and a simpler delivery schedule.
  • Delivery of freight that must be loaded or unloaded quickly. Box trucks can have as many as three points of entry, including rear door and two side doors.
  • Parcel delivery. With internet shopping growing in popularity, the need for fast, efficient parcel delivery increases. Box trucks are ideal for carrying a variety of cargo items over long distances, and retailers are often willing to hire independent truckers to make certain items are delivered to homes and businesses on time.

Among the many uses for box trucks, there is one that is often overlooked; they can be mobile billboards. Paint your logo or business name on the side, with a business number or website. It’s inexpensive advertising that could pay dividends.

For Short-Term Uses, Box Trucks for Rent

Renting or leasing box trucks is the solution for transporters that don’t want to purchase additional vehicles for short-lived spikes in business.

At Diamond Mitubishi Fuso, our experienced staff handles dozens of rentals every month. We offer low-cost leases or short-term rentals on quality Mitsubishi trucks, the best on the road.

With so many uses for box trucks, your company may uncover new sources of revenue. Discover how easy and profitable renting a box truck from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso can be. Call 408-263-7300 today or visit our San Jose dealership.

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