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What are the Advantages of Cabover Box Trucks?

cabover truckAre you considering adding a cabover truck to your fleet? Understanding the advantages of cabover box trucks can help you make an informed decision. These trucks are best known for their flat faces and ability to maneuver in tight spaces, but there is more to appreciate than what meets the eye.

Let’s learn more about what a cabover truck is, the benefits to expect and which industries have the most to gain.

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Diamond Sales is Fremont’s Closest Commercial Truck Dealer

Commercial Truck Dealer for Fremont Businesses

Commercial Truck Dealer Are you in need of commercial trucks in Fremont? Your closest truck dealer is Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso. We are a family-owned commercial truck dealership conveniently located in the heart of Silicon Valley and near the San Jose International Airport. Since 1967, we have been helping commercial customers with their trucking needs, including the purchase of new and used box trucks.

We are One of the Few Commercial Truck Dealers on the West Coast

In 1989, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso became one of the first west coast Mitsubishi truck dealerships – and we’ve stood the test of time. We are known for our well-trained and knowledgeable staff, our strong track record of selling and leasing reliable vehicles and full product support that includes a large warehouse and full-service shop.

Whether you choose to buy a new or used cube truck, or you decide that leasing is the better option, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso has you covered.

Why Purchase a Commercial Truck for Your Fremont Business?

Buying a new or used truck is never a bad decision, considering the vehicle is yours to keep! However, smaller businesses and startups often benefit from leasing a commercial truck. The payments are consistent, all maintenance fees are included and it’s easier to stay up to date. If there is one commercial truck dealer in Fremont that has the latest trucks, it’s us!

Here are some of the benefits of purchasing your commercial truck from our dealership:

  • Great selection. We have a huge range of new, used and rental commercial trucks in Fremont. Find a vehicle that supports your business and has affordably monthly payments.
  • Expand your fleet. If your business is seasonal, it’s possible that work will pick up quickly. By leasing one of our box trucks, you can be prepared for the added sales rush. If you find your business slows, you can simply return the truck to us!
  • Stay up to date. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso has the latest selection of commercial trucks. Get your hands on the newest box trucks. Not only will they have the latest in comfort and technology but also have a positive impact on your business.
  • Easy maintenance and repairs. If there is a problem with your truck, bring it to our all-inclusive service department. We’ll make sure that your business suffers as little downtime as possible thanks to our experience working on all makes of commercial trucks.

Choosing Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso, Fremont’s closest commercial truck dealer, is a decision you won’t regret. With our knowledgeable staff and convenient location, you can easily manage your fleet with us. Contact a Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso professional today to learn more about our commercial trucks and how they can benefit your Fremont business.

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Box Trucks With Maxon Lift Gates

box truck with liftgate

We Offer Box Trucks with Maxon Lift Gates

A box truck with a Maxon lift gate provides your Bay Area trucking company with the ultimate in convenience, at a small price.

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso sells and rents box trucks with Maxon lift gates that can handle up to 6,000 pounds. The truck you choose for your transportation business may come equipped with this hard-working lift gate, or our service team can install one before it leaves our lot.

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Long-Term Box Truck Rentals

With Our Long-Term Box Truck Rentals, We’ve Got Your Back

Box Truck RentalsDiamond Mitsubishi Fuso has got your back with long-term box truck rentals.

Leasing is a popular option among trucking enterprises because of the flexibility of adding vehicles to a fleet at any time, without the financial commitment that purchasing requires. Our low monthly lease rates also appeal to trucking firms.

Long-term box truck rentals are even more flexible than leasing, offering freedom for companies with an eye on the bottom line whose hauling schedules fluctuate almost daily.

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Commercial Truck Repairs And Maintenance

The Value of Commercial Truck Repairs and Maintenance

Commercial Truck Repairs And Maintenance Well-run trucking firms and independent contractors understand the value of commercial truck repairs and maintenance performed by a reputable service department.

For more than 50 years, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso has stood out from other dealers and repair shops because of the stellar service department. Our professional truck mechanics keep their clients’ vehicles on the road and generating revenue with expert preventive maintenance that includes oil changes, fluid replacement, and tire inspection. We proudly service small to large-scale businesses.

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Cabover Truck FAQ & Buying Guide

Our Cabover Truck Buying Guide, with FAQ

Cabover Truck Buying GuideAre you considering the step up to cabover trucks?

These vehicles, also called Cab-Over-Engines, are an excellent investment for many transportation businesses. The team at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso can help you decide if cabovers are right for your company.

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Fuso Introduces New Gasoline-Powered Line-Up at The Work Truck Show 2018, Now Offers the Broadest Choice Of Powertrains In Medium-Duty


new-gasoline-powered-line-upLogan Township, NJ – Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. (FUSO) is showing its new gasoline-powered Class 4 and Class 5 FE Series cabover work trucks at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, March 6–9, 2018. The new trucks feature not only the proven GM 6.0L V8 engine and Allison 1000 automatic transmission, but also a new cab interior designed to improve driver comfort and efficiency.

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Consider the Advantages of Cargo Van Leasing

cargo van leasing

Are profit margins tight this quarter? Trucking enterprises looking to improve financial performance should consider the advantages of cargo van leasing from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso of San Jose.

Our dealership often recommends leasing to customers as a cost-effective alternative to buying vehicles outright. While circumstances for each business vary depending on cash flow, credit status, and long-term needs, cargo van leasing offers advantages such as these:

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