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Diesel truck repair and maintenance

Professional Diesel Truck Repair and Maintenance

Because diesel engines differ markedly from gasoline engines, diesel truck repair and maintenance by knowledgable professionals is particularly important.

The mechanics in Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso’s service department are diesel experts. We make certain your medium-duty diesel trucks get the attention they require to run flawlessly year after year and provide a solid return on your investment.

Established as a diesel repair shop by Armand Kunde in 1967, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso’s staff has not forgotten the dealership’s roots. We know what it takes to keep diesel engines working under all types of driving conditions.

Whether your company has a single general duty diesel truck or operates a large fleet, you can rely on our dealership for prompt, expert diesel truck repair and maintenance.Â

Some FAQs about Diesel Truck Repair and Maintenance
  • Do diesel engines require more upkeep?

No, but maintenance procedures are different than for gasoline engines. For example, oil should be changed more frequently for diesel engines. Oil serves mainly as a lubricant for gas engines but also cleans and cools the diesel engine. That’s why a strict schedule of oil changes is a must for diesel engines. Fuel filters should be changed more often in diesel trucks, as well.

  • Are diesel engines better than gas engines?

Not necessarily. Diesel-powered vehicles may cost more upfront, but also emit less pollution and are more fuel-efficient. Whether a diesel truck is the best fit for you depends on your company’s needs.

  • Won’t I save money by taking my diesel truck to one of those fast-lube places?

Not in the long run. Considering how valuable your vehicles are to your business, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso recommends trusting your truck to expert mechanics who have extensive experience in diesel truck repair and maintenance. Your mont-to-month costs are actually less when you purchase a maintenance contract.

  • Are maintenance contracts for diesel trucks worth the monthly cost?

Absolutely. Many of our customers consider routine maintenance absolutely essential to keeping their fleets in prime running condition. For a small upfront cost, lengthy downtimes and expensive repairs are avoided.

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso serves customers in the San Jose area including Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Milpitas, Fremont, Campbell, Cupertino, Morgan Hill and Saratoga.

For professional diesel truck repair and maintenance, talk to a Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso customer service representative at 408-263-7300 to schedule an appointment or request a quote online.

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