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    Established 1967
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Medium-Duty Diesel Truck Maintenance

Expert Medium-Duty Diesel Truck Maintenance

Well-managed Bay Area transportation companies trust the professional mechanics at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso for expert medium-duty diesel truck maintenance.

Our dealership opened its doors for business in 1967 as a diesel engine repair shop. In nearly 50 years of operation, we’ve expanded into truck sales, rentals, and leases, but we’re proud that our service department is still highly regarded in the Bay Area.

Our longtime customers understand they can depend on Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso’s mechanics for medium-duty diesel truck maintenance that reduces costly repairs, improves the fuel mileage and general efficiency of diesel engines, and extends the life of their trucks.

In addition to Mitsubishi trucks, we also provide the following services for other makes and models such as Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Isuzu, and GMC:

  • Oil changes
  • Transmission fluid replacement
  • Tire pressure checks
  • Air filter replacement
  • Fuel system bleeds
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Injection system refills

Replacement of all filters and changes of oil and transmission fluid are particularly important for diesel engines to run at peak efficiency. To schedule an appointment for medium-duty diesel truck maintenance, call Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso today at 408-263-7300.

Medium Duty Diesel Truck Maintenance – Cost Effective for Transportation Companies

Consider the cost of medium-duty diesel truck maintenance. On a monthly basis, it’s relatively inexpensive. Even for an older truck, routine maintenance probably averages less than $100 a month.

Now consider the cost of a new truck. Paying tens of thousands of dollars in cash is a significant upfront expense for any transportation company, especially if several vehicles are purchased at once.

Monthly payments for a single vehicle can run $300 to $600 a month or even higher, depending on the make and model.

Doesn’t it make financial sense to extend the life of a truck by making sure it is regularly maintained rather than buying a new truck more often than necessary?

Set up a plan for regular vehicle maintenance with Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso’s service department. We have a modern, 20-bay shop and experienced mechanics who can service your trucks quickly.

Call 408-263-7300 today to schedule professional medium duty diesel truck maintenance with the team at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso.

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