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Cargo truck rentals

Cargo Truck Rentals for Large and Small Companies

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso’s cargo truck rentals provide flexibility and real cost savings for large transportation companies.

But renting one or more trucks from San Jose’s premier Mitsubishi truck dealership is also an ideal option for smaller companies and individual business owners faced with the challenge of remaining competitive in a tough economy.

For them, cargo truck rentals from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offer several benefits:

  • Mitsubishi commercial trucks are among the most reliable on the road. They are also easy to learn how to drive for someone not accustomed to trucks.
  • Straightforward, affordable rates. Many truck rental companies use complicated algorithms to determine how much you pay. Costs can vary, depending on the time of year. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers quality vehicles at consistently reasonable rates.
  • Our Mitsubishi truck dealership has the vehicle to fit your needs. Our trucks come in sizes ranging from 18 feet to 28 feet and are typically equipped with lift gates for easy loading and unloading. If the truck you rent does not have a lift gate, our service department can install one for you.

To discuss cargo truck rentals with a Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso customer representative, call 408-263-7300 today.

Cargo Truck Rentals Save You Money

If you are undecided about whether to invest in a fleet of vehicles for your growing business, consider cargo truck rentals through Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso.

Here’s why renting any of our cargo trucks is good for your bottom line:

  • It’s cheaper in the short-term. Although there are some upfront costs connected with cargo truck rentals, the expense is typically far less than purchasing.
  • Owning a fleet of trucks often requires an in-house manager to make certain that vehicles are in good repair and comply with government regulations.
  • You retain the flexibility of adding or subtracting trucks according to your company’s needs. When business picks up, Diamond Mitsubishi can arrange to have all the trucks you require at your disposal within days, if not hours.
  • Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso has an outstanding service department that offers quick repairs and routine maintenance at reasonable prices. Our shop has 20 bays, so there’s no waiting on unexpected repairs.

We have been serving customers across San Jose and in Santa Clara, Campbell, Milpitas and Fremont since 1967.

Call 408-263-7300 or email us to learn more about Mitsubishi cargo truck rentals.

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