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Cargo Vans for Sale

We Have Quality Cargo Vans for Sale

If your company is looking to expand or replace fleet vehicles, turn to Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso for quality cargo vans for sale.

Bay Area transportation companies of all sizes depend on cargo vans to meet tight delivery deadlines. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers a wide selection of used cargo vans for sale, with a choice of sizes, styles, and other options.

Corporate firms and individually owned enterprises alike appreciate hard-working cargo vans, which are among the best-selling vehicles at our dealership. Here are a few reasons why our vans are a popular choice, year after year:

  • Generous hauling capacity reduces the number of trips. Many of our vans have payload capacities of more than 3,000 pounds. These spacious vehicles enable you to carry large loads with fewer trips. That saves on fuel costs, keeps overall mileage down, and cuts down on vehicle wear and tear.
  • Whatever you are hauling remains secure and unseen. In an open-bed truck, cargo is exposed. Cargo vans, particularly models that have no windows in back, can be loaded to the ceiling with freight, which remains out of sight.
  • They drive like a comfortable car. High-profile trucks can be difficult to handle in windy, rainy conditions. Cargo vans are easy to operate, even for relatively inexperienced drivers and they remain stable on the road under all kinds of adverse conditions.
  • Gas mileage compares favorably to trucks. Fuel expense is a major concern for every trucking company. Vans typically burn less gas than trucks without substantial loss in engine power.

A Wide Selection of Cargo Vans for Sale

The staff at Diamond Mitubishi Fuso excels at matching the right vehicles with our customers. When we’re asked to recommend a type of cargo van, we take into account variables such as budget, the stock you are hauling, and driving conditions, before suggesting a model.

Our dealership specializes in the Mitsubishi brand, which offers exceptional value in trucks and cargo vans. If the cargo van you want is not on our lot, we’ll arrange to get it for you.

Check out the cargo vans for sale at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso, located near the 101 Freeway in San Jose. Call 408-263-7300 or contact us online today.

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