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  • Mitsubishi Fuso Authorized Dealer
    Established 1967
  • 1505 N 4th St. San Jose, CA
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Commercial Truck Rental Company

Commercial Truck Rentals for All Purposes

Commercial truck rentals provide transportation companies with flexible solutions during busy seasons. And rentals from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso, the family-owned San Jose-area dealership, are easy to arrange and affordable, too.

Trucking businesses with an eye on the bottom line frequently prefer commercial truck rentals to outright purchases. A few possible scenarios in which renting is the right choice:

  • Evolving goals for the company. A transporter chooses to focus on hauling larger loads to reduce fuel expenses. Switching to a fleet of large-capacity trucks from small ones can happen practically overnight.
  • Customers’ changing demands. A long-time customer decides to cut down on inventory by opting for more-frequent but smaller deliveries to their facility. When part or all of your fleet is made up of commercial truck rentals, adjusting to smaller, fuel-saving vehicles is simple.
  • A sudden increase in business. A welcome but unexpected spike in deliveries means additional trucks are needed within two days. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso can handle rush orders. We have a large number of vehicles at our San Jose truck dealership and a network of suppliers who respond quickly to requests for more trucks.

Another benefit to commercial truck rentals: Downtime due to maintenance or repairs is virtually eliminated.

If a truck needs fixing or routine maintenance, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso replaces it promptly with a similar make and model with no change in the rate. There’s no waiting a day or longer for a vehicle to be serviced.

Long or Short-Term Commercial Truck Rentals

Our dealership offers great rates on both long and short-term commercial truck rentals. We can accommodate clients who need a truck for a day or several trucks for months at a time.

All trucks for rent or lease at Diamond have reliable diesel engines, automatic transmissions, air conditioning and CD players. Our bobtail trucks come in sizes of 14 to 28 feet, and handy lift gates are available for all models.

Call 408-263-7300 to speak with a member of the Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso staff about commercial truck rentals or contact us online. We’re located in San Jose at the intersection of the 880 and 101 freeways

Mitsubishi Fuso Authorized Dealer

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