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Commercial truck repair Campbell and Fremont

Commercial Truck Repair in Campbell, Fremont

When your vehicle breaks down, professional and speedy commercial truck repair in Campbell and Fremont is just a phone call away.

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso’s experienced team of mechanics has the knowledge and skill to quickly fix your truck and get it back on the road. We truly understand trucks. Although we are a Mitsubishi dealership, we’re qualified to work on all makes and models of mid- to heavy-duty trucks.

Imagine a scenario that has the potential to cost your company money and even a customer: A driver, running behind on a tight delivery schedule, senses his cabover truck pulling to the left while traveling on straight roads and fears the trouble may be a misaligned chassis.

Rather than struggle to control the truck throughout the day in an attempt to keep on schedule, the driver wisely chooses to bring the vehicle to Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso. As Campbell-Fremont commercial truck repair experts who work out of a modern, 20-bay shop, our mechanics are able to immediately inspect the truck.

Tires that were worn due to under-inflation, not a bad chassis, are found to be the cause of the leftward pull. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso mechanics replace and balance two driver’s side tires and make certain all tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The cost is a fraction of an expensive chassis straightening, and the driver is back on the road within two hours, completing the day’s deliveries on time. To keep its fleet in top condition and reduce the chance of mechanical disruptions, the home office purchases a maintenance contract from the dealership.

Today, the company’s fleet is inspected on a regular basis by Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso mechanics. Preventive maintenance performed by our service department is your best insurance against unexpected commercial truck repair in Campbell and Fremont.

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In addition to Mitsubishi, our dealership services several truck makes, including Isuzu, Peterbilt, Ford, Kenworth, Mack, GMC, Chevy, Freightliner and International.

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso also performs DOT inspections and is certified for opacity testing and repair.

For commercial truck repair in Campbell and Fremont, trust the service department that has provided exceptional service to Bay Area trucking companies and individual truckers since 1967. Call 408-263-7300 today.

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