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Commercial Truck Service Checklist

Diamond Commercial Vehicle Service Bays San Jose

It’s Murphy’s law that expensive breakdown and repair issues usually happen when you’re short on time and money. But with routine commercial truck maintenance to keep your vehicle operating at peak condition, you can avoid these unexpected headaches. Our seasoned service team is here to help you ensure your is truck running right, keeping your Bay Area business in action with this commercial truck service checklist.

Wheels and Tires

Check tires for proper inflation, which impacts gas mileage and vehicle wear-and-tear. Inspect tread depth to ensure traction, replacing tires when necessary. Examine rims for damage that could affect ride quality and tire performance.


Check application pressure before each trip, addressing low-pressure issues that can lead to brake failure and accidents. Inspect brake pads, shoes, drums, springs, and bushings at each oil change.

Belts and Hoses

Replace frayed belts and ballooned hoses to avoid the need for emergency roadside service.


Engine oil and filter changes are crucial to extending your vehicle’s lifespan. Like engine oil, transmission fluid and coolant/antifreeze must be clean for optimal function.

Engine and Cooling System

Address leaking oil and coolant immediately to safeguard the lifespan of your commercial truck.

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Ignition System

Before setting off, be sure to check oil pressure, air pressure, and vehicle temperature.

Exhaust System

Look for exhaust leaks, which can emit dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide.


Inspect wiring and electrical system components for connection issues and damage.

Fuse Box

Keep your fuse box clean, covered, and have spare fuses on hand.


Examine suspension components regularly. These components enhance ride quality, impact traction, and keep cargo safe.

Body and Chassis

Check the condition of your undercarriage and frame, which protects you in accidents. Clean the truck body regularly to protect against corrosion from roadway chemicals.

Wipers, Glass, and Mirrors

Wipers should not streak or squeak. Clean glass and mirrors ensure visibility and safety.


The high incidence of distracted driving makes your horn an essential tool.

Seat Belts and Seats

Smooth seatbelt operation and clean, well-structured seating ensure comfort and safety for the long-haul.

Routine Maintenance Makes Dollars and Sense

Regularly running through this checklist will help you detect minor problems before they develop into major issues that cost more to repair, shorten your vehicle’s lifespan, or cause an accident. Now is the time to address minor repair problems to avoid getting stuck roadside later.

Ensure on-time deliveries and satisfied customers. Mark these routine maintenance items off your commercial truck service checklist with help from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso.

We’re easily accessible from San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas (just off 101 and 680), Mountain View, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, and Sunnyvale. Contact us at 408-263-7300 to schedule fast, affordable service today.

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