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Commercial Van Rentals

Commercial Van Rentals for Individuals and Companies

Commercial van rentals are the ideal solution for individuals or companies requiring the versatility and convenience of a van while preferring the flexibility that renting offers.

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso, a longtime family-owned truck dealership in San Jose, has a wide selection of quality Mitsubishi vans available for rental at great rates. We’re proud of our long-term relationship with a vehicle manufacturer that builds every model with safety and reliability in mind.Â

For relatively low operating costs, commercial van rentals offer many benefits for established companies or start-ups:

  • Roomy interiors make transporting large or awkward items a cinch.
  • Cargo is protected from the weather.
  • Drivers have easy access to the rear of the van, even with barriers that keep cargo in place.
  • Whether your van is loaded with equipment for your business or carrying cargo for deliveries, everything remains out of sight and locked away.
  • Loading and unloading is easy. Most of our commercial van models feature dual side sliding doors that facilitate the moving of large items.
  • Vans can be more cost-effective than larger trucks when moving just a few pieces.
  • You don’t have to be a seasoned truck driver to get behind the wheel of one of our vans. Mitsubishi vans are easy to drive and offer outstanding maneuverability and comfort. It takes minimal practice to learn the differences between driving a car and a van. Our vans are equipped with air conditioning and AM/FM radios, as well.

Consult with Us on Commercial Van Rentals

The staff at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso knows how valuable trucks and vans can be to a business. One of our specialties is helping customers such as you find the van model that fits your needs for transportation and space, at an affordable rate.Â

The Kunde family has operated Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso in San Jose since 1967. We deal with companies of all sizes, yet many of our best customers are individuals. We value all our relationships, and invite you to join our business family.

For more information on how commercial van rentals can help your business, call 408-263-7300 to talk to one of our customer representatives today.

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