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What to consider When Renting a Box Truck

What to Consider When Renting a Box Truck

For many trucking companies, wise rental choices are key to profitability. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso of San Jose offers these suggestions as to what to your business should consider when renting a box truck:

  • One-size-fits-all solutions. Renting a box truck that is too large costs your company more in fuel and maintenance, but renting a truck too small is also a problem. Additional trips to deliver loads gets expensive. Renting more than one type of truck is often the most cost-effective solution.
  • Box height. Plan ahead for clearance issues along the truck route. A box height that is even a couple inches too high costs both time and money if the truck cannot safely pass beneath overpasses, bridges, or other obstacles.
  • Loading and unloading requirements. Roll-up rear doors are best when cargo is loaded or unloaded at a dock. Swing-out doors cannot be fully opened against a dock.
  • Floor type. The wooden floors that are common in many box trucks can actually rot over time if they get wet frequently and are not properly dried. If your company hauls food, for example, and washes down the floor after every delivery, trucks with metal floors are a better choice.
  • Interior lights. Don’t take for granted that your rental is equipped with lights in the box interior. A lack of lighting can be particularly problematic when cargo is unloaded at night.
  • Cargo weight. Space is not the only factor when hauling cargo. Weight should also be taken into account. A load of refrigerators, for example, requires a heavy-duty chassis, regardless of how much space is needed.

Call 408-263-7300 today to discuss renting a box truck with Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso.

Renting a Box Truck is Easy with Us

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso has been renting box trucks to companies and individuals in the San Jose area for decades. Our staff understands the trucking industry and can advise you on the truck that best fits your transportation needs.

We keep a variety of box trucks on site. For long-term rentals, our service department can spec any truck for you. Call 408-263-7300 today to learn more about renting a box truck from us.

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