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Delivery Truck Safety Tips

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Whether you are behind the wheel yourself or employing others to do the job, driving is serious business. Workers who operate a vehicle as part of their job responsibilities are at increased risk of accident and injury. As an employer, you are responsible for the safety and care of workers in the event of an incident. Do your drivers and staff have the delivery truck safety tips they need to avoid hazards on the road?

Protect Delivery Truck Drivers & Staff with these Essential Safety Tips

Don’t overlook the importance of emergency gear.
Even if you have a roadside assistance policy, properly equipping your delivery truck with safety gear is essential. Necessary items include:

  • Fire extinguisher
    • Spill kit
    • First aid kit
    • Gloves
    • Safety glasses
    • Reflective vests
    • Reflective hazard triangles
    • Tie-downs
    • Flashlights
    • Extra fuses & bulbs
    • Batteries

Keep delivery trucks well-maintained to reduce incidents.
A properly functioning vehicle won’t leave workers roadside in dangerous situations. Ensure compliance with state vehicle standards, performing timely repair and maintenance. Before each shift, check your delivery truck‚Äôs seat-belts, lights, turn signals, horn, brakes, and tire pressure levels.

Hire the right employee(s) for the job.
To drive certain sizes or types of vehicles, drivers must have specialized training and licenses.

Empower employees with knowledge.
Train all employees on the importance of:

  • Securing equipment when in motion.
    Unsecured tools, cargo and equipment could become dangerous projectiles.
    • Safe liftgate operation.
      Liftgates can be dangerous. Instruct employees who will be driving or riding in vehicles with a liftgate on their proper operation and safety risks.

    • Never handling electronic devices while driving.
      Without exception, you should assign mobile device tasks to other, non-driving crew members.

    • Obeying speed limits.
      Speed is a determining factor in the outcome of many accidents. Schedule ample time for your drivers to manage travel and traffic, to prevent any need to speed.

    • Never driving drowsy.
      Driving sleepy is as hazardous as driving drunk or while under the influence of medications that impair your ability to drive.

Get your crew and cargo there, safe and sound, with these and other delivery truck safety tips from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso. Call us at 408-263-7300 to order parts or schedule service for your delivery truck today.

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