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Diesel Truck Fuel Pump Repair and Replacement

If your commercial truck uses a diesel fuel pump, keeping it in the best possible operating condition is crucial. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso provides diesel truck fuel pump repair and replacement to help you maintain this essential component and safeguard engine performance. We offer diesel truck repair and maintenance for all major commercial truck brands at our San Jose facilities, located just a short drive from Santa Clara, Milpitas (just off 101 and 680), Mountain View, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Sunnyvale, and Fremont.

Diesel Fuel System Stress Makes Maintenance Essential

Unlike gas-powered vehicles, where an electrical spark causes fuel combustion, diesel engines use high compression to squeeze air down to 1/15 to 1/20th of its usual volume and ignite fuel. Your fuel (transfer) pump serves as the system’s heart, pulling diesel from the fuel tank and circulating it through a fuel filter to remove water and contaminants that could impact combustion. Fuel lines then transport diesel fuel to the injection pump, where it’s compressed and injected via nozzles into your engine cylinders. Once hot enough to burn, combustion propels the piston, turning the tiny explosions into mechanical energy that powers your vehicle. Optimum operation of all components ensures peak performance.

Watch Out for these Signs of Diesel Fuel Pump Issues

Your diesel truck engine relies on a steady fuel supply to maintain smooth operation. When your diesel fuel pump can’t deliver, it may show these common signs and symptoms indicating the need for repair or replacement:

  • Squeaks and squeals
  • Difficulty accelerating
  • Low fuel pressure
  • Engine misfires or vibration
  • Stalling
  • Diesel truck won’t start
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Blue exhaust smoke
  • Check engine light

Keep Your Diesel Truck Healthy with Fuel Pump Repair and Replacement

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers repair and replacement for all styles of diesel fuel pumps at our commercial truck service center, including:

  • Inline injection (jerk) fuel pumps
  • Distributor (rotary) injection pumps
  • Rail injection systems
  • Unit injectors

Our experienced diesel truck repair technicians understand the intricacies of diesel fuel systems, identifying and addressing issues before they lead to costly repairs or leave you stranded roadside.

Keep your commercial truck running at peak performance with diesel truck fuel pump repair and replacement from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso. Contact us at 408-263-7300 to schedule a diesel fuel pump maintenance or to get a repair estimate today.

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