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Flatbed Trailer Air Brake Chamber Replacement

Does your commercial truck have the stopping power you need to ensure safety on the road? Keep your air brake system in peak condition with flatbed trailer air brake chamber replacement and repairs from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso. Our shop is located in San Jose, just a short drive from Santa Clara, Milpitas (just off 101 and 680), Mountain View, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Sunnyvale, and Fremont, giving you convenient access to fast, professional commercial truck service and repair.

Air Brake Chamber Maintenance Ensures Superior Braking Performance

Air brake chambers are integral in converting compressed air into the mechanical force that stops your commercial truck, making timely maintenance and repair essential. You’ll find these round metal chambers at each truck wheel. Front air chambers fill when you press the brake pedal, driving a push rod out with tremendous force. The push rod drives an S-cam, the long rod inside drum brakes, which pushes brake shoes against the wheel drums to quickly stop your commercial truck tires. Rear air brake chambers work similarly but with a slightly more complex design, as they also function as parking brakes.

Common Air Brake Chamber Issues

Signs of air brake chamber problems may be seen during pre-trip inspections or in performance issues on the road, such as:

Air brake chamber leaks

  • Small leaks may be soundless and difficult to detect

Missing parts

  • Signs of obvious damage like dents, corrosion, bent rods, or missing parts like dust plugs, clamp bands, and caging bolts

Hot spots on brakes

  • Marks on rotors and drums from a dragging brake indicate the need for rapid air brake chamber replacement

Poor brake performance

  • Brake linkages require regular adjustment to keep pushrods in normal operating range and prevent issues with brake application/release

Complications from untrained installations

  • Because each style requires a specific pushrod length, improper brake chamber repairs/adjustments may cause components to be consistently out of adjustment, pulling to one side during braking, and many other issues

Fast, Professional Commercial Air Brake System Service and Repair

Only certified technicians should perform brake chamber repairs, replacements, or adjustments. Brake chambers come in many sizes and styles, making adjustment tricky. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso has the skills and experience to provide air brake system service for all major makes of commercial vehicles, keeping parts on hand in our huge parts warehouse to get you in, out, and safely on your way. We provide more than brake service. Our professional commercial truck technicians can help you manage all your diesel truck repair and maintenance needs.

Ensure reliable stopping power and safety on the road with flatbed trailer air brake chamber replacement fromDiamond Mitsubishi Fuso.Contact us at 408-263-7300 to schedule air brake system service today.

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