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Flatbed Truck Leasing

Flatbed Truck Leasing Offers Your Business Flexibility

Leasing a flatbed truck through Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso allows your company to expand its range of services at reasonable cost.

Flatbed trucks are ideal for hauling cargo that is odd-shaped or particularly heavy, loaded on pallets, or for anything that is difficult to load into an enclosed vehicle. Instead of using box trucks or vans, businesses such as landscapers, contractors, movers, and farmers often prefer to lease a flatbed truck because they offer these conveniences:

  • Large hauling capacity. Vans or cube trucks have less room than spacious, versatile flatbeds. One critical difference that sets flatbed trucks apart from other vehicles; freight is more exposed when hauled by a flatbed. The staff at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso can teach you and your employees how to secure cargo safely on a flatbed truck for long-distance trips.
  • Great versatility. Flatbed trucks are easy to customize for the type of hauling you require. For example, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso can add racks for ladders. Let our service department set up your truck according to how you plan to use it.
  • Ease of loading and unloading. Fenderwells, those raised areas in a truck bed that accommodate a vehicle’s tires, take up valuable space and can make loading and strapping down freight more difficult. The even “floor” of a flatbed truck is ideal for loading long pieces of freight such as lumber.

Flatbed Truck Leasing is Ideal for Short-Term Needs

As a Bay Area Mitsubishi dealership of more than 50 years, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso has helped many transportation companies and individuals grow their businesses through cost-effective flatbed truck leasing agreements.

Unlike purchasing a vehicle, leasing requires no upfront costs. Terms are also flexible, so you can arrange to lease trucks only during your busy seasons.

Flatbed truck leasing offers another convenience. Although our expert service department maintains all our vehicles, occasionally breakdowns may occur. If your leased flatbed truck needs repairs, simply return it to the dealership. We’ll promptly provide you with another quality flatbed truck. A lease agreement with Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso means you always have a truck at your disposal.

For flexible flatbed truck leasing terms at reasonable rates, call 408-263-7300 today to talk to a helpful Diamond Mitubishi Fuso representative today.

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