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Food Delivery Truck Leasing

Food Delivery Truck Leasing, the Ideal Solution for Small Businesses

Food service companies that require quality vehicles for their businesses rely on food delivery truck leasing from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso.

We’re a Bay Area truck dealership with a 50-year history of helping companies in all types of industries meet evolving transportation needs. In food service, demand for fresh, organic foods is growing, along with delivery of fresh ingredients to homes, stores and restaurants.

Food that is locally grown and raised is altering transportation practices. Having access to dependable, delivery vehicles that are equipped to haul perishable edibles to meet the changing habits of a hungry public has become more important than ever.

Food delivery truck leasing through Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso is the perfect solution for your small or medium-sized transportation business. Restaurants, caterers, and suppliers can handle sudden spikes in business efficiently and at reasonable cost by supplementing fleets with leased trucks.

Leasing a Food Delivery Truck Solves Problems

Requirements for hauling edible items with a short shelf life are different from for transporting non-perishable items such as appliances or lumber. The service and maintenance team at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso understands how to service food transporters who must meet needs that are particular to your industry.

Adequate refrigeration is one of the major challenges you face when transporting food.

The truck service and maintenance team at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso customizes leased vehicles with modern refrigeration equipment that ensures bulk or frozen foods will arrive at a destination in excellent condition. We also install compartments and shelving to prevent shifting and possible damage of food items en route.

Easy access to freight is another consideration. Perishable food can spoil if it takes too long to load and unload. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso employees can add lift gates to delivery trucks to facilitate the quick moving of cargo.

Learn more about how food delivery truck leasing through Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso helps you meet the challenges of food transportation. To speak to one of our leasing agents, call 408-263-7300 today or visit our San Jose dealership.

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