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Fuso Cargo Van Driver Options

Fuso Canter Cargo Van Driver Options Ease the Load

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter cargo van driver options make the often-stressful job of delivering goods more pleasant for drivers.

The Canter line of vehicles has a well-earned reputation of employing cutting-edge automotive technology to improve fuel mileage and reduce harmful emissions. But Mitsubishi has also taken the experience of driving a Canter to the next level.

Driver comfort is very important. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers Mitsubishi cargo vans that are enjoyable to drive, particularly on lengthy or difficult trips and improve employee morale, productivity and performance.

The list of Fuso Canter cargo van driver options, designed to make life behind the wheel easier, is long:

  • Adjustable seating enables drivers to change position quickly, even mid-route. Canter cargo van cabs are designed for small and large drivers alike. Tall drivers and passengers appreciate the spacious head clearance, too often overlooked by cargo van makers.
  • Fuel information at a glance. Dash displays that indicate fuel consumption rates and cruising distance on available fuel eliminate guesswork.
  • Convenient remote keyless entry. The ability to lock, unlock and open doors remotely saves time and effort.
  • Plenty of useful storage. A hidden console in the center seat makes it easier to store and access papers and objects. The AC vents conveniently chill the lower center drink bottle tray.
  • Lighting in the cargo area. Luggage lamps facilitate loading and unloading at night or in dark areas.
  • Adaptability for more passengers or more cargo. A single person can easily alter seating to accommodate en-route changes in loads or passengers.
Fuso Canter Cargo Van Driver Options Include Safety Features

Driver safety is an integral part of the Mitsubishi experience:

  • Canter cargo vans are reinforced for greater chassis stability. The rigid cab absorbs the impact of collisions and minimizes damage to the vehicle.
  • Front fog lamps and an anti-lock breaking system help prevent collisions during inclement weather. Supplemental air bags protect driver and passengers when accidents are unavoidable. All three of these features are options you may order.

Call 408-263-7300 today or contact us online to discuss Mitsubishi Fuso Canter cargo van driver options with a member of the Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso staff. We’re located in San Jose at the intersection of the 880 and 101 freeways.

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