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How to Start Your Own Delivery Business

Cargo transport

Considering starting your own delivery business? Cargo transport is a large and growing industry with low barriers to entry and minimal startup costs. Could this be the opportunity you’re looking for to earn a living on your own? Today, the box truck industry pros at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso take a closer look at what you need to start a basic delivery business.

It All Starts with a Truck

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers a wide selection of vehicles that you don’t need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate. We make it faster and easier for you to begin your new business venture. Purchase a used truck or rent a truck to get started. Our Fuso box trucks are an ideal choice for this industry, providing better fuel economy than competitors, keeping more of your delivery dollars in your pocket. They also lighten your load, hauling more payload and going farther between service appointments. For those new to driving large trucks, our Fuso line will help you ease into the transition, providing car-like maneuverability and exceptional visibility.

Outfitting Your Vehicle

Once you’ve chosen a bobtail truck, it’s time to shop for necessary delivery equipment. Though this will depend on your business, standard accessories include:

  • A hand truck or dolly.
  • Ratchet straps and bungee cords to secure items in transit.
  • Moving blankets to protect items from damage.
  • Stretch wrap for extra protection on fragile or expensive items.
  • Work truck additions, such as a liftgate or built-in shelving and dividers.

Carving Out a Niche

Choosing a business niche will help you better prepare your vehicle and focus your marketing efforts to ensure success. When you specialize in an industry, you can also move cargo faster. Luckily, there are many niche opportunities for box truck delivery, including medical transport, furniture delivery, and commercial and residential moving and hauling services, to name a few.

Regardless of your niche, you’ll need proper licensing and insurance, including:

  • State/County/City licensure.
  • Vehicle liability insurance.
  • Business liability insurance.
  • Cargo insurance.

Insurance protects your clients’ goods and safeguards your business against lawsuits. It also shows clients you’re serious about protecting their cargo.

Maximizing Marketing

Once you’ve decided on a business name and registered your business, develop a marketing plan. Print business cards and flyers. Mark your vehicle with magnetic signs or a wrap. Design a search engine optimized website that potential clients can easily find on Google. Spread the word to family and friends, area businesses, and on social media.

Let everyone know you are available if they need help transporting large items. When you secure work, arrive early, dressing yourself and your vehicle to impress. Let your customer service be your greatest marketing tool, striving for repeat and word-of-mouth business.

Learn how to start your own delivery business in Santa Cruz, San Jose, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, or Milpitas with the help of Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso. Contact us at 408-263-7300 to learn more about our wide selection of box trucks and affordable financing options today.

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