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Isuzu truck van sales service and maintenance

We Offer Isuzu Truck and Van Sales, Service and Maintenance

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso features Isuzu truck and van sales, service and maintenance – because we believe in quality products and service.

Isuzu trucks and vans are popular because of features such as:

  • Maneuverability. Isuzu trucks and vans were built with the amateur driver in mind: a breeze to drive, with comfortable cabs that are easy to enter and exit. The compact storage compartments allow for great visibility but still hold a lot of cargo.
  • Reliability. Breakdowns cost transportation companies time and money. Isuzu trucks and vans are among the most dependable on the road today.
  • Fuel efficiency. All Isuzu vehicles have good fuel economy. A fleet of Isuzus means big fuel savings throughout the year.
  • Practicality. With several models from which to choose, Isuzu has the truck or van that you want.

To learn more about Isuzu truck and van sales, service, and maintenance, visit the Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso dealership near the 101 freeway in San Jose, or call 408-263-7300.

Choosing between an Isuzu Truck and a Van

Some companies have a difficult time deciding whether a truck or a van will best serve their commercial purposes. As a long-time provider of Isuzu truck and van sales, service and maintenance, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers these tips to help you decide:

  1. Do you need workshop space? Vans are typically more suited for portable workshops and can be outfitted relatively easily.
  2. Vans are also better for keeping your cargo secure, out of sight, and protected from the weather, which is particularly important when the loaded vehicle may be parked overnight.
  3. Trucks generally have greater cargo capacity than vans, which reduces time on the road and fuel costs. Taller items are also easier to load into a truck than a van, although it’s possible to customize vans with higher roofs to accommodate tall items.

Visit our San Jose dealership to see firsthand the benefits of quality Isuzu vehicles.

If purchasing an Isuzu vehicle is an option you want to explore, call 408-263-7300 today to talk to a customer representative of Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso, the Isuzu truck and van sales, service and maintenance center for Silicon Valley.

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