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Making Renting a Box Truck Simple

We Make Renting a Box Truck Simple

Renting a box truck can be a complicated decision without expert advice.If you are new to truck rental, the staff at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso of San Jose can help by making renting or leasing simple.

We’re experienced in assisting transportation companies and individuals with their truck rental decisions. With a variety of box trucks available on our dealership lot or through our network of suppliers, you can drive away in your rental within a short time of arriving at our dealership.

The Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso staff wants your rental choice to be the right one. A few of our recommendations when renting a box truck:

  • Make certain your box truck can handle your cargo. Too often, customers request a rental based on the size of the truck. But trucks with a chassis of the same size can vary in capacity. Heavy cargo, such as appliances, requires a heavy-duty chassis. For lighter cargo such as clothing, a mid-weight chassis may be adequate.
  • Determine the right size truck. It’s a mistake to rent a truck that is too small and then waste time and money on multiple trips. A larger truck may initially cost more to rent, but you may be able to get the job done on fewer trips.
  • Plan ahead for loading and unloading. Whether the truck is equipped with interior lights in the box or tall enough to be unloaded from a dock may seem like minor details until it’s time to unload. Tie-downs and load-locks will also ensure the cargo will not shift during transport.
  • Anticipate clearance requirements. Encountering bridges, overpasses or other obstacles your truck cannot pass beneath can make for a frustrating journey. Make sure the box height of your truck is appropriate for the route you plan on driving.
When Renting a Box Truck, Trust Us

It pays to trust a seasoned dealership when renting a box truck. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso has been a mainstay for Bay Area trucking companies since 1967.

Our professionals take the time to learn your specific needs and can advise you on issues such as insurance requirements and driving credentials. Learn more about renting a box truck from the professionals at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso. Call 408-263-7300 today.

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