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  • Mitsubishi Fuso Authorized Dealer
    Established 1967
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Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Sales

Take Advantage of our Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Sales

Whether you are a fleet manager or self-employed driver, Mitsubishi Fuso truck sales through Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso of San Jose can outfit you with a reliable, productive vehicle at a great price. Here are a few reasons why purchasing your trucks through Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso makes business sense:

  • Buying provides your company with a valuable asset. If you lease, after the agreement expires, the trucks return to the dealership. On the other hand, trucks purchased through Mitsubishi Fuso truck sales are yours to re-sell or trade-in. Although vehicles depreciate over time, they retain substantial financial value over the years, particularly if they are well maintained.
  • Transportation costs drop significantly once the trucks are paid off. Fuel and maintenance make up your monthly costs.
  • No mileage limits. If you are an over-the-road transporter, mileage stipulations in lease agreements are a major drawback. They can be costly or require expensive schedule adjustments. Owned trucks can rack up high mileage, month after month, with no financial penalty.
  • Repair minor dings and dents on your schedule. When accidents happen, there’s no pressure to make body repairs immediately. Leaseholders are obligated to make fixes before the lease expires.
  • We operate a first-class service department for trucks. Many fleet operators service their in-house, but Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso’s professional mechanics make it possible for trucking companies to outsource maintenance confidently, knowing the work is done correctly.
  • Pre-owned trucks are a terrific bargain. Many trucking companies take advantage of the huge savings available when buying pre-owned vehicles. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers low-mileage, late-model trucks that look and run like new. If you are financing, you may even be able to purchase used vehicles at a lower monthly cost than leasing.
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Sales, an Affordable Option

Diamond Mitubishi Fuso has a large inventory of pre-owned trucks available on our San Jose lot located at the intersection of the 880 and 101 freeways. Call 408-263-7300 to speak to a knowledgeable, experienced Mitsubishi Fuso truck sales representative about selecting the best vehicle for your business. We offer financing that makes purchasing a truck an affordable option for your business.

Mitsubishi Fuso Authorized Dealer

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