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Selecting the Right Box Truck

Selecting the Right Box Truck, With Our Help

The staff at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso simplifies the process of choosing the right box truck for your business.

As a dealership with more than 50 years experience selling and servicing all types of trucks, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso assists Bay Area transportation companies in choosing practical and reliable vehicles that offer great value. We suggest careful consideration of these factors when it’s time to select the right box truck:

  • Body size. Evaluating the amount and type of cargo your truck will typically carry is an important first step. Additional trips will be required if a truck body is too small, increasing fuel costs. On the other hand, a truck that is too large is inefficient. If your standard cargo consists of large, awkward items, box height may be an issue. Keep in mind that box height affects fuel mileage due to aerodynamics, and entering small spaces such as parking garages may be a problem.
  • Truck usage. Consider whether your box truck will be driven mostly in the city or on the highway. Also, convenient door placement can significant reduce the time it takes to load and unload stock.
  • Diesel vs. gasoline. High-horsepower diesel engines can be useful if your company hauls heavy loads. However, less-powerful gasoline engines are often sufficient. Diesel fuel is also cheaper than gasoline, but the gap in cost is narrowing. In some cases, your preferred truck type may be available only with a diesel engine.
  • Miles traveled. The longer the trip, the more important it is for you to choose vehicles with amenities such as air conditioning, CD players, comfortable seats and ease of handling. Happy, alert drivers have fewer accidents and are more productive.

Call Us for Assistance in Finding the Right Box Truck

Many Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso clients require customized upgrades for their box trucks. Our service department customizes box trucks by installing options such as liftgates to make loading and unloading easier, ramps, and floor reinforcement for the use of forklifts.

Ask the experts at Diamond Mitubishi Fuso for advice in selecting the right box truck for your business. Visit our San Jose dealership during business hours or call 408-263-7300 today.

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