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Semi-Truck Smog Inspection

Ensure regulatory compliance and a smooth registration process with a semi-truck smog inspection from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso. You must pass a smog test to renew your vehicle registration. California requires smog tests every other year to safeguard air quality and protect the environment. Our San Jose big truck repair shop offers fast, affordable smog checks and emission system repairs just a short drive from Bay Area cities.

Licensed Smog Checks for Semi-Trucks

Our local commercial truck repair and maintenance facility offers licensed opacity tests, which include:

  • A visual inspection
  • Tailpipe emissions reading
  • Ignition timing check
  • On-board diagnostic assessment, including check engine light
  • Exhaust gas recirculation inspection
  • Gas cap and fuel evaporation check

Bay Area Smog Inspection Requirements and Frequency

California requires smog checks every other year (biennially) for most vehicles, including diesel-powered semi-trucks made after 1998. Diesel trucks over 14,000 pounds may not need a smog check. However, very few vehicles qualify for exemption, so we recommend verifying smog check requirements for your specific vehicle with our semi-truck service center.

If Your Semi Fails a Smog Test, We’ve Got You Covered

If your semi-truck fails a smog test, you’re required to repair and recheck it to qualify for registration renewal. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso has the facilities and staff to fix common smog check failure issues fast, including:

  • Fouled fuel injectors
  • Improper air/fuel ratio monitoring
  • Mass airflow/oxygen sensor failure
  • Evaporative emission control system malfunctions
  • Leaky gas cap
  • Check engine light

After we’ve performed the necessary semi-truck repairs, we’ll retest your vehicle, ensuring timely registration renewal so you can avoid penalties and fines.

Is It Time for a Semi-Truck Smog Inspection?

Schedule service with a local commercial truck repair shop you can trust. Get a fast, affordable semi-truck smog inspection in Santa Clara, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Campbell, Sunnyvale, or Cupertino from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso. Contact us at 408-263-7300 to schedule a commercial truck smog inspection today.

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