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Santa Clara Cargo Vans For Sale

We Have Cargo Vans for Sale in Santa Clara

Santa Clara Cargo Vans For Sale Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso, the longtime Bay Area truck dealership, has quality cargo vans for sale in Santa Clara and neighboring Bay Area cities.

Leasing is popular among many trucking enterprises. However, purchasing fleet vehicles outright  offers these advantages:

  • Lower cost of ownership. Some trucking companies prefer to hang on to their vehicles after they are paid off. With no monthly vehicle payments, your company can accumulate capital to reinvest back into the business. 
  • No mileage penalties. Purchasing makes sense for firms that put a lot of mileage on their trucks. Seasonal increases in orders and deliveries can spike mileage totals, significantly driving up the cost of leasing. When financing a purchase, monthly payments remain stable. 
  • No fees for “wear and tear.” Incidental dents and dings on delivery trucks are inevitable. A business that owns its vehicles can make those repairs when it wishes, avoiding wear and tear penalties that exist in a lease agreement.
  • Customization is possible. Owning your fleet vehicles offers flexibility in customizing features. For example, many companies use vehicle wraps to advertise their business. By contrast, leasing agreements often limit customization.

Hard-Working Cargo Vans Are the Ideal Delivery Vehicle

A few reasons your Santa Clara business should consider cargo vans ownership:

  • Great gas mileage. The outstanding fuel economy of cargo vans is your defense against rising gas prices that reduce your profitability. Mitsubishi cargo vans consistently achieve 20 MPG or more.
  • Comfort and drivability. Mitsubishi cargo vans work as hard as the toughest trucks but drive like a sedan. Drivers appreciate the way our vans handle on the open road and in heavy traffic.
  • Generous cargo capacity. Our spacious vans offer space of 300 cubic feet or more for cargo. The stock is enclosed and protected from weather and theft. Equipping the cargo area with shelving keeps loads organized and easy to unload.

Pre-owned cargo vans are an excellent value. Our stellar service department cleans and carefully inspects every pre-owned Mitsubishi model that Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers for sale.

The City of Santa Clara

Santa Clara, a city of nearly 120,000 residents in Santa Clara County, began as Mission Santa Clara de Asis, the only Spanish mission named for a woman. Now located on the campus of Santa Clara University, the mission was rebuilt after a 1925 fire and is a tourist draw.

Santa Clara is at the heart of Silicon Valley but retains an identity all its own. The city’s 52-acre Central Park, west of Saratoga Creek, is the focus for all kinds of activities throughout the year. The park’s amphitheater, basketball and tennis courts, and a recreation center draw residents throughout the year.

Call or Visit Our Dealership to Learn More

Our dealership has a large selection of cargo vans for sale to Santa Clara trucking companies interested in expanding their fleets with economical, reliable Mitsubishi vehicles. 

Even if you lease your trucks, purchasing additional cargo vans to supplement your fleet is an option worth exploring. Learn how buying cargo vans can help your business. Call 408-263-7300 today to speak with a Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso representative.

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