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Sunnyvale Cargo Van Leasing

We Offer Cargo Van Leasing for Sunnyvale Transporters

Sunnyvale Cargo Van Leasing

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso provides trucking enterprises in Sunnyvale with cargo van leasing options that are affordable and customizable.

Many high-mileage transportation companies believe leasing is not a practical solution for their business. Our award-winning truck dealership, which opened its doors in California more than 50 years ago, offers lease agreements that don’t penalize firms for putting a lot of mileage on their vehicles.

Businesses in Sunnyvale are discovering that cargo van leasing is a cost-effective alternative to outright purchasing of vehicles for these additional reasons:

  • Low or no down payments, with affordable rates. The Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso team customizes lease agreements that keep upfront costs affordable for your company. In most cases, monthly lease payments are much lower than if you financed the purchase of a new vehicle.
  • You can expand and contract your fleet easily.
  • We handle registration, smog testing, and repairs. Diamond Mitsubishi takes care of registering and smog testing your vehicle. When routine vehicle maintenance or repairs are needed, we promptly replace your cargo van with another. You’ll always have a quality Mitsubishi cargo van ready to roll.

Why Cargo Vans Are Growing in Popularity

Transportation companies increasingly depend on cargo vans these days, for good reasons. Cargo vans are easy to load and unload, comfortable to drive, and feature much better gas mileage than in the past.

Cargo vans are well-suited for many types of uses, including mobile businesses or contractors who must take equipment, materials, and spare parts to job sites. The covered rear cargo area is also easy to organize.

In Sunnyvale, Fruit Processing Gives Way to High Tech

Some of Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso’s most loyal customers come from Sunnyvale, a Silicon Valley city of more than 140,000 people.

Perhaps Sunnyvale’s most recognizable landmark is the water tower painted to resemble a can of Libby’s fruit cocktail. Libby’s was the largest employer in Sunnyvale in the 1920s. The tower, painted with the label in the 1970s, is a tribute to the city’s fruit processing history.

A farming community established by Spanish settlers, Sunnyvale’s fruit orchards first appeared in the 1870s. The fruit industry dominated the city’

Today, Sunnyvale is the home to several high-tech companies. Apple, Yahoo! Google and Lockheed Martin Space Systems all have offices in the city.

The Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso team can assist your trucking firm in Sunnyvale with cargo van leasing solutions. Visit our dealership in nearby San Jose today or call 408-263-7300.

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