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Stake Truck Rentals, Sales and Leasing

Stake Truck Rentals, Sales and Leasing

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers stake truck rentals, sales and leasing, at reasonable terms, for any purpose.

Our San Jose dealership specializes in hard-working Mitsubishi stake trucks that are reliable, comfortable for drivers of all sizes, and offer great gas mileage under all kinds of driving conditions.

Stake trucks help make your enterprise more efficient and profitable in many ways. Some of the the features of these trucks that businesses in a range of industries have come to appreciate include:

  • A large, easily accessed storage area. Removable stakes, racks, and hydraulic lift gates for quick and convenient loading and unloading are standard on Mitsubishi stake trucks.
  • Great payload capacity. The lack of a permanent bed means stake trucks weigh less than other vehicles and are capable of hauling heavier loads. A cargo van may need three trips for a load that takes a stake truck just two trips to deliver.
  • Versatility. Transform your stake truck into a handy flatbed, if needed, by removing the stakes and racks. Stakes also come in several heights to accommodate a variety of cargo types.
  • Multiple size options. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers truck options with a range of platform sizes and payload capacities. If you don’t see the size of truck that you require on our lot, we can quickly get it for you.

Stake trucks are favored in the construction industry because they are capable of transporting heavy items such as lumber, and among landscapers who haul cargo that is loose and non-fragile, such as mulch, sand or soil.

For short trips, stake trucks are also well-suited to hauling livestock.

We Have Stake Truck Rentals, Sales and Leasing for Businesses and Individuals

You don’t have to be a contractor or large company to buy or rent stake trucks through our dealership. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso customers include individuals and small businesses across the San Jose area including Milpitas, Sunnyvale, Campbell and Santa Clara.

With us, stake truck rentals, sales and leasing arrangements are straightforward and fast. We offer financing to all who qualify. Visit Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso’s San Jose dealership at 1505 N. 4th St. or call us today at 408-263-7300.

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