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Why Choose a Cabover vs. a Conventional Commercial Truck Style?

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If you are shopping for a new commercial vehicle, you’ve no doubt noticed there are a wide variety of truck styles, including cabover and conventional truck designs. Which one reigns supreme? Cabover truck designs offer many advantages.

What is a Cabover Truck?

Unlike conventional commercial trucks, which house the engine beneath the hood, cabover designs sport a flat front face, housing the engine beneath the cab, above the axle of the vehicle.

Benefits of a Cabover Design

Mitsubishi Fuso cabover commercial trucks offer many advantages over conventional truck designs:

  • Greater visibility
    • In a conventional truck, your view of the surrounding area could be blocked up to 25 feet away by the vehicle’s hood. However, with the flat-front design of Fuso’s cabover, you can enjoy enhanced visibility through a wide expanse of glass surrounding the windshield, free of obstructions, seeing the ground just 6 feet ahead, 180-degrees surrounding the vehicle. 
  • Superior maneuverability
    • The added length and weight of conventional commercial trucks makes them more difficult to maneuver than cabover models. Cabover trucks have an excellent reputation for maneuvering, even in tight spaces. Popular in Europe, they excel in navigating narrow neighborhood streets and driveways. They have a tight turning radius, on average 30-40% tighter than conventional designs. In fact, the Fuso FE130 boasts a tighter turning radius than a MINI Cooper!
  • Significant payload advantages
    • Conventional truck designs house the engine under the hood and in front of the driver.  This setup produces a longer, heavier truck, negatively impacting payload capacity. Because cabover designs occupy less space on the frame, they deliver a significant payload advantage, leaving more space for the truck body – and more storage potential for deliveries.
  • Unsurpassed fuel efficiency
    • Fuso cabover designs sport a smaller footprint, weigh less than conventional trucks, and have smaller displacement engines, delivering significant fuel savings.

Interested in Trying a Cabover Vehicle?

Our family-owned, award-winning dealership holds the largest selection of Mitsubishi new and used trucks in the United States, including trucks for sale, and trucks for lease. Explore our extensive inventory of new and used commercial trucks. We offer a wide variety of light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles, including the latest Fuso gas truck models, and an extensive line of customization accessories.

Since 1967 we have been helping businesses with their transport needs in San Jose, Santa Cruz, Gilroy, Mountain View and Scotts Valley.

Uncover the benefits of cabover commercial trucks. To rent, lease or buy a high quality cabover box or other commercial truck, contact Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso at 408-263-7300 and schedule a test drive today.

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