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Commercial Truck Maintenance Guidelines

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Owning a commercial truck makes you responsible for its upkeep. To keep the warranty from being voided, it’s important to keep up with proper inspections and maintenance. You will extend the life of your investment and avoid costly fines. Even after the warranty has expired, regular maintenance supports driving safety and keeps your commercial truck on the road, earning for your business. Here are some guidelines for maintenance of your fleet.

Fleet Maintenance and Inspections

Your owner’s manual contains manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance and inspections. You may also have legal and industry-specific regulations that you need to follow. We recommend that you keep all documentation and records about inspections and maintenance on each truck. We offer multiple record sheets to help you track the condition of your commercial vehicles.

At a minimum, make sure to conduct the following inspections:

  • Daily inspection before operating the vehicle. Your owner’s manual has 12 checkpoints that should be inspected before taking the vehicle out.
  • Inspections at 1,000 and 5,000 km (620 and 3,100 miles)
  • Inspections regulated by local, state and federal laws.
  • Manufacturer designated inspections.
  • Replace parts at necessary intervals.

When you bring your truck to your authorized dealer for service, always bring the service booklet for the technicians to fill out. Have your drivers maintain a daily checklist showing that the pre-operational inspection is performed regularly. Keep these records in a file to demonstrate your dedication to safety and performance should it ever come into question.

Maintaining your vehicle helps your investment hold its value. When you’re ready to trade in your commercial truck, you will have evidence as to the work you have had done. This lifetime logbook not only helps you keep your truck operating well, it provides information to the next owner.

San Jose Commercial Truck Maintenance

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers commercial truck maintenance guidelines to keep your fleet operating at peak performance. Our customers come from the Bay Area, San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, Sunnyvale and Milpitas. Call our office at 408-263-7300 or contact us online for more details.

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