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The Biggest Trends in Electric Trucks

electric trucks

According to a market research report by Technavio, the global electric truck market is predicted to post a compound annual growth rate of over 32% during the period of 2019-2023. If you want to add an electric truck to your fleet, now may be the right time. Electric vehicles have many advantages that help reduce fleet costs and streamline operations.

Below are the biggest trends in electric trucks that you should know about. 

  • Decreased battery pack costs. The cost of the battery is a big part of the upfront truck cost. Fortunately, battery prices are going down because of the demand for electric cars. With decreasing battery pack costs, we can expect to see electric trucks decrease in price as well.
  • Longer-lasting Li-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries are a top choice for electric trucks. These batteries are rechargeable, lightweight and longer lasting compared to lead-acid and valve-regulated lead-acid batteries.
  • Lowered operational costs. Fleet managers continue to show interest in electric trucks due to their lower operational costs. To charge a vehicle costs significantly less than buying gas. Electric vehicles are also cheaper to maintain because they have fewer parts compared to diesel trucks.
  • Reduced emissions. Governments are putting more pressure on manufacturers to reduce the carbon emissions that are created by their vehicles. The renewable energy used to charge EVs reduces greenhouse gas emissions and harmful air pollution.

Meet the eCanter – the World’s First Electric-Powered Light Truck

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso is pleased to introduce the eCanter, the first purely electric-powered light truck, which will be available in 2019. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso will be one of the first distributors in the U.S. to offer leasing, with full sales expected in 2020.

The eCanter delivers state-of-the-art technology thanks to its modular HV battery pack, permanent synchronous e-motor and powerful output of 185 kW. The eCanter is also extremely comfortable for those who are on the road for long hours. With ergonomic seating, 12” digital displays, a keyless push start and button shift, drivers can easily operate this vehicle.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, the eCanter goes a step further to deliver silent and emission-free operations. It’s available in a flatbed and van body options, making it a great choice for urban deliveries and service businesses.

The eCanter is just one example of exciting trends in electric trucks that will allow businesses in San Jose and across California to eliminate vehicle emissions and reduce their environmental footprint. Contact Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso today at 408-463-7300 to learn more about electric trucks like the eCanter.

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