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Fuso New Gas Trucks Save Money

Save on Fuel and Maintenance with Fuso’s New Gas Trucks

As gasoline-powered trucks continue to climb the popularity charts in a market once dominated by diesels, carving out about 40% of the new truck sales, Mitsubishi has risen to meet customer demands for gas-powered truck models. The most recent release, the Fuso Class 5 FE180, solves many problems for our customers. Could this new gas-powered truck replace a diesel model in your lineup?

Gas-Up the Fuso FE180 for Convenience and Lower Costs

The only Class 5 gas-powered truck in the industry, the Fuso FE180 strives to take over a segment predominantly powered by diesel, and it does so with flair. With a lower price point than its diesel competitors, the Fuso FE180 already begins at an advantage. Easier to drive, the truck’s gas-powered operation makes drivers more comfortable due to their familiarity with passenger vehicles.

Fuel is plentiful and easy to find, and the vehicles themselves are simpler and less expensive to maintain with gas engine mechanics and associated parts being far more prevalent. Less complex than diesel vehicles, which can undergo costly downtime when emissions controls fail, Fuso gas trucks save your business time and money.

Get Comfortable in the Fuso FE180

Designed to appeal to customers in search of increased power for more payload, the FE180 delivers 11,945-lbs of payload capacity, driven by a GM-built 6-liter V-8 with 297 horsepower, 361 pound-feet of torque, and an Allison 1000 transmission unit. It is the only gas-powered truck that gives drivers a wide range of power take-off capabilities and offers added versatility for those using specialized equipment.

The truck’s comfy cab design keeps daily delivery and transport tasks in mind, with power windows and cruise control standard, and offers exceptional maneuverability including a tiny turning radius despite its size. With available Verizon Connect, it offers some of the most significant savings on fuel, wear-and-tear, and labor on the market.

Don’t Wait

This highly anticipated model will be available in the fall of 2019. Fuso’s latest Class 5 addition nicely rounds out the Mitsubishi truck line up, joining fellow Class 3 and Class 4 gas-fueled vehicles to offer your business a more affordable, easy-care option to costly and finicky diesels.

Save on fuel and maintenance with Fuso’s new gas trucks. Contact Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso at 408-263-7300 to learn more about this exciting new line of vehicles today.   

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