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Box Truck Lease

Advantages of Leasing a Box Truck

Leasing a Box Truck Delivers Big Advantages

If you’ve had a previous experience leasing a car, you probably think leasing a box truck is similar. However, it’s not. At Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso, we have many customers who enjoy the advantages of leasing. Could leasing a box truck be beneficial for your business? 

Leasing Often Involves Less Cost

If your business is new or your credit rating isn’t as high as you’d like, you’ll likely need a substantial cash down payment to purchase a box truck. You may also overlook additional up-front costs including sales tax and finance charges that can inflate your monthly payment. Our flexible leasing terms allow you to avoid these costs, giving you the option of using this capital in other critical areas of your business. Our leases also help you better mitigate the future costs of ownership such as licensing, routine service and maintenance like washing, oil changes, brakes, and tire maintenance, and acquiring a rental vehicle if your truck is out for repairs. The longer you own your truck, the higher (and more frequent) these maintenance-associated costs can be. That’s why we offer full-service leases to help you keep these expenses at a predictable monthly rate, including coverage for maintenance and repairs. You can also lease our vehicles with the certainty you’ll never suffer the negative repercussions of price depreciation.

Leasing Reduces Hassles

Because we want to help you avoid the indirect costs and hassles that truck ownership can surprise you with, we offer a variety of box truck sizes and options to make keeping your fleet up-to-date easier. If you need a different vehicle to ensure compliance, a larger truck because your business has grown, or a newer, more comfortable vehicle to keep your drivers happy and reduce turnover, simply trade-in your leased truck for a different one.

Are you missing out on the advantages of leasing a box truck? Find out if a lease from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso is right for you. Contact us at 408-263-7300 today.

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