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  • Mitsubishi Fuso Authorized Dealer
    Established 1967
  • 1505 N 4th St. San Jose, CA
  • 408-263-7300
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One-Stop Shop for All Things Commercial Trucks

No matter what you need, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso has you covered. Our Bay Area commercial truck center offers comprehensive services, including commercial truck sales and leasing, commercial truck parts and accessories, and commercial truck service and maintenance for all popular vehicle brands.

Commercial Truck Repair

Keep your truck in peak condition, identifying hidden issues with our commercial truck service checklist, or schedule a thorough vehicle inspection by our ASE-certified commercial truck technicians in our huge 20 bay workshop. We offer fast, competitively priced service, helping you reduce downtime and repair costs. Our skilled team has the expertise to detect minor issues before they snowball into major repairs and safety hazards. We offer comprehensive services from brake jobs and AC diagnostics to engine and transmission rebuilding and replacement.

Commercial Truck Maintenance

Reduce operating costs, safeguard your warranty, and extend your commercial vehicle’s lifespan with timely routine maintenance. Develop a plan based on manufacturer recommendations, driving conditions, mileage, and local and federal regulatory compliance requirements. Stay on schedule with oil changes, battery maintenance, tire replacement, and emission control testing with help from our commercial truck service team. We’re up to date on the latest manufacturer commercial truck maintenance guidelines.

Commercial Truck Interior Repair

Restore your worn cab interior to like-new condition. Improve looks, comfort, and safety, protecting your commercial trucks value with commercial truck interior repair from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso. We can expertly repair seats, door panels, dashboards, electronics, window glass, sleeping quarters, and more, providing quality interior repairs for all vehicle sizes and styles.

Commercial Truck Sales and Leasing

When it’s time to buy a new or used commercial vehicle, find out what is the right type of commercial truck for your type of cargo, ensuring a lasting investment with help from our friendly sales and leasing team. Each type of freight has specific requirements. We know how to ask the right truck buying questions to ensure your vehicle handles all your needs to maximize productivity and profit. We offer a wide selection of vehicles as well as custom parts and accessories so you can create a vehicle uniquely suited to your business.

Our Commercial Truck Sales and Service Center Does It All

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso is your Bay Area one-stop shop for all things commercial trucks. Contact us at 408-263-7300 to schedule a commercial truck sales or service appointment today.


Mitsubishi Fuso Authorized Dealer

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