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Fremont Cargo Vans For Sale

Quality Fremont Cargo Vans for Sale

Fremont Cargo Vans For Sale

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers quality cargo vans for sale to Fremont trucking firms that want to invest in a fleet of reliable, fuel-efficient vehicles.

In two important ways, our dealership supports high-mileage transportation companies that prefer the flexibility of owning trucks outright:

  1. We maintain an extensive inventory of Mitsubishi cargo vans at our dealership and through a network of vehicle suppliers. Your company can select the vehicle that best suits your needs.
  2. We handle financing arrangements. Our experienced sales staff can tailor payment terms to fit your budget and make owning cargo vans a cost-effective solution for your business.

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso has pre-owned cargo vans available. Our pre-owned models are in excellent condition, well-maintained, and ready to drive off our lot the day of purchase.

Why More Businesses Are Purchasing Cargo Vans

For trucking businesses in Fremont, cargo van ownership is an attractive option for several reasons:

  • Fuel efficiency. The excellent fuel economy of cargo vans is your safeguard against increasing gas prices that erode your bottom line. Mitsubishi cargo vans consistently achieve 20 MPG or more.
  • Payload capacity. Cargo vans provide a surprising amount of interior space. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers vans of several wheelbases and roof heights – choose the vehicle size according to the type of cargo typically hauled by your company. 
  • Stock protection. Vans protect cargo from heat, cold, rain or moisture. Valuable cargo is also hidden from thieves and secured inside the vehicle.
  • Customizing the rear area of a cargo van with shelving or racks keeps cargo stable and organized, and also makes loading and unloading stock a breeze. In many cases, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso’s service department can assist with customizations.

Fremont, a City for Hikers

As one of the longest-operating truck dealerships in the Bay Area, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso is proud to do business in Fremont, a diverse and dynamic city.

Compared to other Bay Area communities, Fremont was incorporated relatively recently – 1956. The city was created through the union of five towns and named after John C. Fremont, a 19th-century explorer of the American West. Today, Fremont’s population of more than 230,000 makes it one of the largest cities in the Bay Area.

The Fremont area is a hikers’ dream. Those who climb Mission Peak east of Fremont have spectacular views of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Peninsula. Hikers also have their choice of miles of trails in Coyote Hills Regional Park.

Learn More About Our Fremont Cargo Van Sales

Mitsubishi manufactures the most reliable, fuel-efficient cargo vans available today. Your drivers will appreciate the comfort and maneuverability of a Mitsubishi vehicle.

Check out our cargo vans for sale in Fremont and other Bay Area cities that we have served for more than 50 years. Call 408-263-7300 today to speak to a knowledgeable Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso representative.

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